Wizz Air opens a base at London Gatwick

Wizz Air made a lot of noise on Tuesday with its announcement that it was opening a base at London Gatwick airport in October.

‘Base’ is potentially taking it a bit far though. Wizz Air is to station a grand total on ONE aircraft, an A321neo, at Gatwick from October. For comparison, Wizz has 11 aircraft based at Luton.

Wizz Air already operates from Gatwick, flying in aircraft from other bases around Europe. Basing an aircraft at Gatwick will allow it to fly to cities which are not existing hubs.

The aircraft is due to fly to:

  • Athens (4x weekly)
  • Lanazarote (3x weekly)
  • Malta (3x weekly)
  • Naples (4x weekly)

Wizz is keen to expand further…..