Storm Dennis still going strong

It is simple…if you don’t have to be out on the road like us …STAY INDOOR.
Storm Dannis is still going strong and no signs of calming down this morning..I been noticing more potholes around Bracknell or maybe the same old one but gotten worse due to all this amount of water coming down, no more then 55mph traveling on the M3 and M25 due to the high winds and pouring rain.

Arrived at Gatwick 😮😮 ..I honestly don’t understand how can a plane take off in this weather. Once opened the rear boot door on my estate car to unload the passengers luggages I was struggling to close it back …same for any of the other doors…once back inside the car was shaking to😳, I stayed there without moving for about 10 minutes and no surprise in see that no traffic officers came to bother me as I don’t think there are any this morning.
Like I said…STAY INDOOR if you can.

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