Originally announced in October 2020, as come into effect on the 8 March 2021. The West Sussex airport will now charge at least £5 for those wishing to pick up and drop off passengers. It was inevitable that this charging fees would become a reality . The airport excuse as you may guess is that they had to find a alternative revenue do to their financial loss caused by the covid pandemic . What i find funny is that previously the area outside the terminal was patrolled constantly and only allowing dropping off passengers and not pickups due to security and supposedly traffic congestions concerns that no one as ever complained about i believe , but suddenly now that there is a fee to pay they seams to don’t care and have stopped chasing away cars that use the drop-off point as a pickup point to. Money will and always Talk. Charges will start at £5 for 10 minutes for a quick goodbye or a well-timed pickup. Every additional minute after that will cost £1 and will be capped a total added time of 20 minutes. Therefore the maximum charge for a 30-minute stay will be £25. Those who still want to drop off passengers at the airport without paying the new fee can use the long-stay car parks. The long-stay car parks include two hours of free parking, though the passenger will have to use a free shuttle bus to get to the terminals. All this will mean that with regret we will have to add this fees to the cost of our taxi fares. How long will take for Heathrow airport to follow suit ?